I love it but it is not doing what I need it to do!

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I love working in my business!

My business is amazing!

I hear so many people say it, oh so often!  They love working in their business, they are fabulous at running their classes or services or selling their products.  They have had lots of training on how to do this as part of their franchisee training.  They are confident.  It brings them joy.


That was me too!


But working on the business ~ how on Earth do I do that

Then there is the realisation that  in order to make the business a success you also need to get your business savvy pants on & get involved in being a “business owner,” making business decisions, becoming a marketeer, accounts manager, customer services manager & all of the other jobs that go with it.

yay-7045806-digitalYou have no idea how to:~

  • make Facebook work for you
  • how to market effectively
  • you have paid for advertising that has brought you no returns
  • you are unsure on how to get new customers to buy from you
  • you have no idea what a list is, how to build one or what to do with it
  • you are unsure as to how to maximise your income
  • how to set your business up in it’s most profitable form
  • where to place your attention


The list could go on & on & on.


So, what do you need to do?

It can be quite overwhelming when you are doing all you can, everything that you were taught in your franchisee training but you are still not making a difference in your profits at the end of the day.  You aren’t making anywhere near the levels of income that you had anticipated when you took on the franchise.

You are scared 



Feel like a failure 

Now lovely, you are certainly not a failure 

I promise, it is all within you, you can learn how to do all the things that you need to do, you can become acutely business savvy & make some massive differences in your business.


Where to start :-

  • Take a look at your franchise agreement, I know ~ you probably have not had it out since the day you signed it BUT now is the time to have a read through it.  Take a note of the obligations & restrictions placed on you under that agreement & a similarly the obligations & restrictions of your franchisor.  You will then know where you stand under the agreement, how you can set your business up for success & become more profitable.  Can you only offer certain products/services under the brand?  Can you add new products or services/develop your offering?
  • Take a look at your Operations Manual, check there is nothing that you missed in there if you have not read it for a while.
  • Start to work on who your ideal client is.  This is paramount to making all of your marketing work more effectively.
  • Allocate time to work on your business as well as in your business.
  • Work out your numbers, keep your accounts up to date, know where you break even points are
  • Stop spending money on any marketing that is getting you no returns.
  • Stop running any products or services which you are running at a loss.


I know exactly how you feel! I have been there!

I know what it takes to really sit down & start to harness your business & steer it in the right direction.  I am here if you need any help.  Pop me an email through to emma@mumsinfranchise.com (it is free so don’t fret, start to make a difference in your franchise business!)


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