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Why do I feel like a big fat failure?

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of PaperThere are days when you just do not know why you are doing this.  Why did you even get involved with it?  Why did you not just stay where you were, with a job, working for someone else?  You could call in sick if you were feeling a bit iffy, you could go missing in action if you were having a bad day, you could pop annual leave in if you fancied a day off and they would send money to your bank account every single month.  You didn’t have to worry about whether that money would arrive, it would be there.  There were times you did not appreciate the simplicity of just getting there and getting on with it & then going home & forgetting all about it.

But you wanted more! 



So, fast forward to your self employed self.  Did you really know what it was going to be like?  Did you launch into self employment with rose tinted glasses?  Was it all fine & dandy because you were going to be part of a franchise and that is the easiest form of self employment right?!


You may have got into it all for that elusive work/life balance and now you are working harder and harder, longer and longer hours.

You sit at your desk & you could just cry ~ how on earth did this happen?  Why do I feel like such a big fat franchise fail?  

Let’s start with you are not alone!  Self employment is hard at times.  You are responsible for your earnings, you have to work out where the next mortgage payment will come from & how you are going to develop your business to the extent that you want it to be.

Here are my top things to consider if you are feeling this way:-

Take Stock ~

take some time out to analyis where you are in your business right now.  What is working for you & what is not working.  Which areas do you want to develop?  Do you need better systems and process in place so that you have more time, do you need to look at your spending within your business in order to increase your profits, do you need to get your accounts up to date so that you can even consider where your business is financially right now or do you want more clients?  Whatever it is have a good old brain storm and get all the information down on paper.

Check your numbers ~

make sure your numbers are up to date and they all add up.  It seems that every January, just before our tax returns are due in here in the UK I see so many people panicing about the profitability of their business.  Worrying that they have worked all year for nothing [this year that started 18mths ago and finished 6mths ago].  How did they not see these figures coming.  Having a handle on your numbers is really important.  You need to know if you have any issues that need addressing or any spending leaks anywhere.  Save yourself the nasty shock.

Be Realistic ~

in particularly be realistic with how much time you have available to spend working on your business and how much time you have to work in your business.  You must ensure that there is a balance of both in order for your business to progress.

Give yourself a break ~

you cannot work 24/7.  You will burn out my lovely.  You will be less productive.  You need to have the time when you work & the time when you don’t.  It is not lazy to have time off.  You never thought it was lazy not to go to work at weekends or during your annual leave when you were employed did you?

Remember that you are a real business owner ~

you might work within a franchise business but that is still a proper business.  If you are a franchisee buying into a franchise does not guarantee success.  You still have to work hard in order to make all the elements of the business model to work.  If you are a franchisor then franchising is a genuine method of growth for your business.

Dream Big ~

have goals, targets & ambitions for your business.  Not only is it hugely motivating but it also is easier to strive for a target than aimlessly pass the days, weeks, months or years in your business just hoping that it will perform better.

Remember that working smarter rather than harder will free up your time, be consistent in your approach & most of all be kind to yourself, remember how much you have learnt & how far you have come & give yourself a pat on the back!  There is no need to be so mean to yourself ~ you are doing an awesome job! 

Emma, mum of 2 left her life in the corporate world in search of a better work/life balance. After many hours of research she thought that the franchise business model would suit her best. She did not expect a successful business on a plate but guidance on how to make her business work. A very enthusiastic Emma set up her franchisee business. Working very hard and long hours in attempt to make it work she felt that she did not receive all the help & support that she should have had. She felt like a franchisee failure! Time to pull up her socks & learn the hard way! With Emma’s experience she’ll help you make the most of your business model, whatever business you’re in and whatever your franchise, whether you’ve been running your business for years or you’re just starting out. Emma’s great tips, her enthusiasm and knowledge will help you avoid potential pitfalls, make your business more profitable and enable you to take your franchisee business to the next level. With free webinars, a helpful free tip sheet and our BRILLIANT step-by-step affordable coaching programmes, designed for franchisees like you, we can help!

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