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Sick personAs we approach the season of bugs & viruses we need to take stock.  Do we know what would happen if we just could not work, due to ill health for any period of time?  Do you have an emergency plan in place?  Do you have some first responders to help out?

It would be that you are hit down by the bugs flying around the playground or you have the kids off school as they are unwell or a family member is not well.  Your caring role is always there, in sickness and in health but the Autumn and Winter months seem to increase the need for time to be taken to look after others, family, friends, loved ones and yourself.

Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say “so what, I am not going to get as much done as I would have liked this week” and just sort through the urgent stuff and let the rest wait, other times we are going to be out of the working environment completely and unable to run our businesses – then what?

Think about having a back up plan for these times, a plan that will enable your business to keep ticking over.  Whether that is someone who you can call on on an emergency or part time basis to deliver your services or sell your products or a Virtual Assistant to answer your calls, emails and update your Social Media.  Have some emergency first responders in place for the winter bugs months just in case.

If you can though – stay healthy!!

Emma, mum of 2 left her life in the corporate world in search of a better work/life balance. After many hours of research she thought that the franchise business model would suit her best. She did not expect a successful business on a plate but guidance on how to make her business work. A very enthusiastic Emma set up her franchisee business. Working very hard and long hours in attempt to make it work she felt that she did not receive all the help & support that she should have had. She felt like a franchisee failure! Time to pull up her socks & learn the hard way! With Emma’s experience she’ll help you make the most of your business model, whatever business you’re in and whatever your franchise, whether you’ve been running your business for years or you’re just starting out. Emma’s great tips, her enthusiasm and knowledge will help you avoid potential pitfalls, make your business more profitable and enable you to take your franchisee business to the next level. With free webinars, a helpful free tip sheet and our BRILLIANT step-by-step affordable coaching programmes, designed for franchisees like you, we can help!

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