Why being part of a franchisee community could elevate your business

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Being a business owner can be a lonely old world.  



Even a franchisee business owner can feel lonely & isolated in business.  When you set off on your journey you feel that you are going to be part of a team, part of national or global network of franchisees, all working the same model with the same aims but when you get down to the nitty gritty you feel like it is you, alone, running this business, striving to make it a success.

Your friends and family just don’t get it.  Don’t get me wrong, they mean well but they don’t understand.  They see you when times are tough and offer the simple solution “why don’t you just get a job.”








Well, to be honest, no matter how much you share your goals and vision with them if they are not self employed they might just not get it.  They might not see the master plan.  They might not understand the big goals and aims for the business.  This is not negative, this is just the way it is.  My husband is incredibly supportive, but sometimes he doesn’t get it.  My mum & dad are employees, always have been ~ they are of a generation where you go out & get a job for life, you work hard & you bring home the bacon.

They love you & support you but at times they might just not get it.

To elevate your business & confidence & business brains you need to be spending at least some of your time [either in real life or virtually] with people who understand.  So how can you do this, how can you break down the isolation, become part of a franchisee community?

Here’s how:-

1. Put together a franchisee forum with other franchisees in your brand 

Group of College Girls in a CircleIf you don’t already have a way of keeping in regular touch with other franchisees around the country or around the world who are working in the same business model as you, running the same business as you then now is the time to do it.  A simple Facebook group with privacy settings can give you all a place to have a franchisee mastermind community.  You can discuss what is working for you, what isn’t working, best practices, new ideas and share contents which you have created in order that others can use that too in their marketing.  There is no need to feel alone as a franchisee, there are other people who get what it is like, not only to run a business, but to run a business using the same model as you.


2.  Look at whether you can become strategic partners with other franchisees in your area. 

Now, I am not asking you to go smooch with the competition.  That is not what this is all about.  What I am asking you to consider is whether there are any other franchisee business owners in your area who are looking to attract similar clients to you.  Not only will you be able to work together, cross promote one another but also you can meet for a coffee, discuss the local market and perhaps collaborate on activities.  An example of this would be if you provide toddler activities and you know someone who provides activities for bumps & babies.  There clients might be interested in what you have to offer and you may have pregnant clients who would be interested in what they do.

You can look beyond franchisees here & look to other business owners who might be a good fit for you.

Don’t go off smooching willy nilly though.  Make sure that they are a good fit for you, your business & your customers and that you feel that you would provide them with the same ticks in the same boxes.

Increase in exposure, increase in reach to people who may not have heard you, brand awareness could very well lead you to an increase in customers.


3.  On-line Masterminds 

You can become part of on-line communities who get your position, what you need to do & what it takes to get there.  Our Franchisee Package comes with a mastermind group.  These groups are there to help & support you.  Find the right one and there is no such thing as a silly question, there is support when you are stuck or a place to find answers if you are struggling.


4.  Networking 

Happy People


Sometimes you just need to get out there and talk to other people who get it, I understand.  Be selective in the networking events which you attend.  Jamming your diary full of networking events which will never serve you any purpose whatsoever is a waste of time.  Consider where you may find people who are interested in your product or service directly or where you may find people who have a similar client base to you.


The main message is, please do not feel alone! 

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