Is This You?

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Are you feeling like you are a bit of a franchisee failure?

You have taken the leap, you have become self employed.  Others looked on in envy, “Oh, aren’t you brave,” or “I wish I could do that,” or “lucky you packing in the old 9-5, getting rid of the boss, I am soooooo jealous.” ??

You set of on your business journey feeling a mass of enthusiasm, looking forward to getting your teeth into it, ready to get on & make a massive difference in your world.  Ok, you were a little bit scared but you felt that you knew, in your heart, that all was going to be ok, you were part of a franchise family.  You would receive masses of help & support along the way.


Time has passed

You feel a little different!

Those around you might be trying to protect you with talk of going to get a “proper job.”  You are losing you confidence, feeling like you are trying sooooo hard but just don’t seem to be getting the break, don’t seem to be making it work.

The other franchisees seem like they are doing such a good job, there is always talk about how busy they are (blah blah blah ~ it just feels like noise now).

What is wrong with you?  Why are you not getting it right?


Now let’s just stop there for a little minute

It is perfectly normal to feel like this, it is perfectly normal to start your business with a mass of enthusiasm & excitement, you fell in love with your franchise brand & that is absolutely the norm.  I see so many franchisee business owners who buy into the very first brand they look into, they fall in love with the brand, they don’t look any further, there is little market research done because they are told by their franchisors that this business will be so easy to establish & get up and running, that you will make a profit in no time at all.

In the same way as setting up any business it takes time to establish yourself in your local area.  Even if you are with the biggest franchise brand in the whole it will take time to establish yourself in the local market, for people to get to know about you & start to buy from you.  They won’t just be lining up at the door on the day that you open.  It just does not work that way (unless of course you are buying a McDonalds franchise & then establishing yourself in your local market is a little easier).

You are a first time business owner, it takes time to learn to run a business.  You need to start to flex your business savvy brain, start to learn new things, start to become a business owner (alongside all of those other jobs you have got:~ mother, daughter, sister, wife, chef, housekeeper, taxi driver etc etc).  It is not something that you cannot learn though, it is something that as long as you commit to learning more you will make masses of difference in your business with just some easy tweaks that won’t cost you anything & in fact will start to save you money & make you more money.

Friends & family saying you should get a proper job ~ they are just trying to protect you & do what’s best for you.  In their eyes they are kinda trying to throw you the “get out of jail free card” but I know it feels demotivating & sucks at your confidence.  Don’t worry, it is only because they love you that they say these things.  You can DO IT though, I know you can. 

Everyone who is telling you the massive success stories in your brand, take it with a pinch of salt.  It is not always the true picture.  I have seen the most respected and “successful” franchisees give up their franchise & move on because either it is not for them or they can’t make it work.

So, there is nothing wrong with you!

You can make it work.  You just need to start to flex your business savvy brain cells & learn the art of running your business more effectively & efficiently.

Start to make small tweaks that will make a massive difference.

Start to plan for success.



If you would like to work with me to help you to flex your business savvy brains & start to make more money out of your franchise then just shout up!  Take a look at the Franchisee Money Maker Club or our classes/programmes.  You could also just pop me a line & we can have a chat! 

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