An Ode to Franchise Mum

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Franchise Mum

I start my day real early
I am before before the dawn
My working day can finish around midnight
It can certainly leave me full of yawn!

I know that many of my family & friends think that I may be work shy
Playing at a hobby and that I should find a job ~ at least try

Whilst many of the others day that they are jealous of what I do
If they were brave enough they would love to join me too
I have decided that I will no longer let other’s opinions get me in a stew!

May I impress it isn’t easy
My work is never done
I can’t ring in a sickie
Although I love it, I’m having fun

I work my little butt off, a salary is not guaranteed
I worry about where the wage comes from to feed the family

No-one gives me an appraisal or a pat upon my head
My motivation has to come from within & I am often late to bed.

So to you my dear employee friend who thinks I have it all
I work bloody hard for my nirvana & surely I can stand tall?
It is not the easy option
I must be committed, brave & work hard
I gotta admit that there are times when I wish I could deal a new card.

The tough times are much tougher
But the good times are just great
I did this all by myself although sometimes I had to wait
I had to wait to chill out
As my work is never done
The “to do lists” that come out my head are more than work for one.

I really don’t want your pity
I am loving what I do
Don’t get me wrong with is not a complaining ditty
Just a poem a penned for you

I am aware that my challenges will remain
I will continue to work with passion & drive to attain
But please do understand, I am not spending my mornings watching Lorraine!

All I ask if you you to understand
Hats off to my persistence
Me & my fellow franchise mam!

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