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I remember the old 9-5!

I remember those days, getting up on a morning ready and raring for a full day ahead.  Working hard & on certain days of the week playing hard too!  I remember the excitement of a full on day.  I thrived on pressure & busy work schedules.  I would have to run along the pavements in my heels to be in the right place at the right time.  My days were often packed with adrenaline & I really was loving every minute.  Law was no Ally McBeal but the earlier days of my career were fabulous!

Fast forward to Mummydom!

We then hit fast forward button to becoming a Mummy.  Now, people told me that it would change my world but I was not prepared for the reality of this.  Change my world, boy I never knew the half of it before my little people arrived.  I was probably quite naive as most first time Mummies are.  I probably added some rose tinted spectacles for extra effect and I was ready for the nights of little sleep when they were tiny & I was prepared for the amount of love that would be welcomed into my world but I did not know that this tiny little creature would be able to spin me around & turn me upside down.

I never appreciated that work just would not fit anymore & that my plans for the future would change so drastically.

Working 9-5 just did not fit anymore.  I just could not do it.  I make no judgement on others who do out of choice or necessity but I could not manage it.  It made me absolutely, completely and totally miserable.

Career v Mummy

I never wanted to have to make a choice.  I could have it all couldn’t I?  That is what everyone had been telling me all my life.  Women of my generation had it all, could do it all & it would all be fine.   I couldn’t.  I just felt miserable & guilty from a Sunday evening until a Friday evening.  I spent Sundays dreading the return to the working week.  I initially went back to work 4 days per week.  That was balance right?  4 days at work, 3 days at home.  NOOOOOOOOOOOO, that made my life miserable.   Every hour out of the house I felt guilty that I was not at home with my lovely little person and every day off I had I was literally waiting for the phone to ring & the office to contact me with a problem or someone who needed to speak to me urgently.  Guilty, guilty guilty.  I lived a cycle of guilt.  I then reduced my hours more and then a little bit more and eventually shifting the balance to being at home more than work I thought I would have cracked it.  Still no, still guilty, still miserable.

Something has got to give

It was either going to be my sanity or my job and I decided to keep the majority of my sanity intact.

Self Employment

My decision was self employment.  I could not afford not to work nor did I want to not work.   My decision was to work by my rules, strive to achieve my dreams and to do so in a way which fitted in with my family & children.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Self employment is not plain sailing.  It is a rollercoaster of epic proportions.   Some days you are flying high & other days you crave “normality” and a regular income.

People who are not self employed and have never been self employed don’t get it.  They think that you are just at home, they think that you can run errands for them & they can just pop round as and when they feel like it.  It is difficult for you to protect your work time and ring fence the hours you need to work both in your business and on the development of your business.

Always remember why you do it

It is easy to lose sight of the reasons why you do what you do.  There are times when the focus is shifted and you just feel like you are paddling upstream.  Remember your reason & remember your goal.

I don’t have to ask anyone for the day off when my little ones are poorly, I don’t have to beg for school holiday annual leave, I don’t have to worry about the school run [most days] and I can go to the Christmas Play & Parents Evening with no fuss.  I can be there when I need to be without feeling guilty & without asking for permission.  This works for my family.

I  help & empower women working in the franchise sector or looking to franchise their businesses.  I can support and mentor them into making their businesses better.  I can help them to achieve the work/life balance that fits with their world.  I can advise them on ways to hit new levels within their business.  I love to see my client’s progress & I gotta say “franchise mum ~ you are wonderful, doing wonderful things & achieving more than you ever imagined possible!”  This is awesome & I love every minute of it.  This works for me!

I am building the life I want, with the business I love, to achieve personal, professional & family goals!

Are you living the dream?

Emma, mum of 2 left her life in the corporate world in search of a better work/life balance. After many hours of research she thought that the franchise business model would suit her best. She did not expect a successful business on a plate but guidance on how to make her business work. A very enthusiastic Emma set up her franchisee business. Working very hard and long hours in attempt to make it work she felt that she did not receive all the help & support that she should have had. She felt like a franchisee failure! Time to pull up her socks & learn the hard way! With Emma’s experience she’ll help you make the most of your business model, whatever business you’re in and whatever your franchise, whether you’ve been running your business for years or you’re just starting out. Emma’s great tips, her enthusiasm and knowledge will help you avoid potential pitfalls, make your business more profitable and enable you to take your franchisee business to the next level. With free webinars, a helpful free tip sheet and our BRILLIANT step-by-step affordable coaching programmes, designed for franchisees like you, we can help!

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